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Företag: Neon Giant

Sista ansökan: 2022-06-25

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fidelity, world building and gameplay whilst maintaining scope.

They’ve set out to prove that a small team can create greatness using smart (albeit complex) methods, clever workflows, the best tools and a focused approach.

In 2021, they released their first game – The Ascent which has been proven a great success and established Neon Giant as a respected game development studio that now knows they’ll be around for a long time, making games.

Our goal is to always be cutting edge and use the latest technology to deliver games that seem like they’re made by many more people than it is. We are very focused on aggressively building a brand for the studio, which we will solidify with the games we release. We want to be considered one of the top studios in the world, both from a gamer as well as an industry perspective. This is not a studio for everyone, it is catered to a special kind of high-performing individuals, that want to have a lot of creative freedom, but still get their hands dirty with actual production work, while working on a smaller team.

We are now heading into what is the future of Neon Giant.

About the CEO role

We are looking for a CEO to help us on a strategic and tactical level to develop and lead our growth strategies but also to support and offload the Founders and the Creative Directors allowing them to completely focus on game development.

Neon Giant is a small studio with very high ambitions. You will lead the day to day operations in alignment with the executive development team and the Board of Directors. Neon Giant is posed to grow in size but above all in brand recognition through extremely well polished and entertaining games. For us it is important that you share our ambitions and hone out an organisation and company that can not only support the development team but actually amplify it. You will get to know the nuts and bolts of our company’s functions and operations and you will support our executive team with daily tasks such as allocating budget, reporting and recruiting. To succeed in this role you need to be a jack of all trades and a master of Business administration.

If you’re excited about Neon Giant, our vision and mission, and want to start the path of becoming our future CEO, we would like to hear from you.


  • Operative and tactical planning
  • Budgeting and Reports
  • Administrative support
  • Recruitments and HR-related questionsSalaries
    Employment contracts
    Office and organisation administration
    Staffing plans
  • Participate in company’s strategic planning
  • Summon and prepare Board meetings and AGM
  • Plan, Lead and Execute the work to reach Neon Giants Vision.


  • Degree in Business or Management
  • Experience from earlier CEO-roles are meritorious
  • Strong verbal and written communication as well as presentation skills
  • Fluent in Swedish & English is required (additional languages are meritorious)

The role is a full-time position based in our office in central Uppsala


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