BioReperia seeks CEO

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BioReperia seeks CEO

Tjänst: BioReperia seeks CEO

Företag: BioReperia AB

Sista ansökan: 2021-02-07

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About the company

Many drugs fail at late stages of development due to efficacy issues.
BioReperia has developed a unique zebrafish tumor xenograft (ZTX™) technology platform that provides functional in-vivo predictions of treatment efficacy for tumor regression and metastasis inhibition in only 5 days.
Our goal is to increase the speed and accuracy of preclinical drug development for cancer treatment, enabling fast and accurate selection of the lead candidates with the highest potential to succeed.

BioReperia is a privately-owned contract research organization (CRO) and medical diagnostics company that was founded in September 2015 based on technology developed at Linköping University in Sweden. The company has four full-time working employees in addition to the 2 founders who work part time. The main office is located in Linköping.

Job description

BioReperia is a company with an advanced process for studying cancerous tumors utilizing zebrafish embryos, revolutionizing cancer treatment. Currently, there are many ongoing relationships with several drug companies, both national and international, as well as ongoing clinical studies in cancer care.

  • As the new CEO, your mission is to take the company to the next level.
  • Internally, your focus will be to grow our team with ambitious and skilled specialists. Together with them, you will work to develop collaboration and working methods as well as establish routines and processes that streamline their work day.
  • Externally, the focus will be on bringing sales to the next level together with existing sales colleagues.
  • You will build a network and relationships within CRO, medtech, and pharma industries nationally and internationally with the goal of creating strategic cooperation, while at the same time creating conditions within healthcare to accelerate our clinical trials.

Your profile

  • We are seeking you who have a background and experience within medtech/pharma.
  • You will have a relevant academic education that gives you the basis to understand quickly our product and how it can benefit patients.
  • If you also have experience in bringing pre-clinical products to the market and the scaling up process, that would be valuable.
  • You will have experience in corresponding rolls, preferably within smaller companies in healthcare/medtech/pharma.
  • Your earlier executive experience where you developed and grew a successful team would be a valuable addition to our company.
  • We highly value international experience.
  • You are a person who is strongly convinced of the importance of building teams and individuals that will both deliver top class results and at the same time enjoy and develop their roles.
  • Your ability to build trustworthy relationships will be valuable both internally and externally with the owner and the board.
  • Your mastery of Swedish and English will be unimpeded in both speaking and writing.
  • Trips within Sweden as well as internationally will occur frequently.
  • The central office is located in Linköping, where the CEO will be 2-3 days/week.

Application process

BioReperia is working on recruiting with Skill. If you have any questions about the recruiting process, please contact the recruiting consultant, Lena Johansson at +46 708-52 32 36, or Annika Elfvingsson at +46 13-473 81 63, Other questions can be directed to the current CEO Lasse Jensen, or +46 70-998 20 96.


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